Friday, April 25, 2014

A Rainbow-Butterfly-Strawberry shortcake Cake aka tall a tall order from a 4 year old.

My soon - to - be 4 year old decided to put me to the test with a tall order on a birthday cake request.  

She asked for a Rainbow cake, which turned into a rainbow, butterfly, strawberry shortcake cake.... yeah. 

So then I got to figure out how to make that work.  

Day 1:

Part one of Rainbow - For this I decided to may one of my favorite white cake recipes, and just to use my gels to color the batter.  6 colors and white made up the tasty interior. 

Keep piling in the batters until it looks like this

Bake - while baking up the cake I worked on the filling

I highly suggest having strawberry shortcake the day or two before so you don't have to make it from scratch right now.... But it was quite easy and very tasty.  

Mix together 2c whipped cream, a cup of cake crumbles and 2 cups sliced strawberries. 

Then try not to eat it all while the cake cools

After the cake has completely cooled slice it for stacking. 

I use a Bread knife for this and just shave the top to make a nice flat surface, then slice it horizontally down the center so there are more layers of filling
 (this is what the pro's do ;) )

How pretty is that! 

Your next job is to stack it.  Don't forget to use your buttercream to create a dam around each layer, otherwise your filling will ooze out the sides and your cake will not have much structure. 

I use a pastry brush to get rid of any crumbs left hanging out around my cake.

At this point chill, preferably overnight because that was a big project, and decorating this one is also a big project.  2 big project in one day typically ends up with one not going so well.... at least that's how it is for me. 

Day 2:


I chose to do my rainbow in 6 colors, this would also be awesome in an ombre or you can use bolder colors too, really endless possibilities. 

This was all the icing I needed for a 10" round cake.  6 - 1/2 full bags, I was a little concerned, but I even ended up with a little left over of each!

Decorating this is so much easier than it looks. 

Place a dot of each color vertically, then you take the back of a spoon, or spatula, and slide it sideways.  

That's it.
over and over.  
Easy but time consuming.   

Continue the same technique on the top.  

I am pretty quick, as I've had a decent amount of practice and it still took me almost 2 hours to do the entire thing, with no interruptions.  So plan accordingly!

STOP THERE if Rainbow is all your going for ;)

Now onto butterflies!

This was easy, I used a stencil out of a book that I had to make the shape.  The butterfly is made of royal icing with just some sprinkles added before it crusted on top. 

This cake created tons of smiles for my 2nd born.  It may have taken some time, but her quiet joy, made me so glad I did it.  

Give it a try, and share your pictures with me on instagram! 



  1. You are SUPER MOM!! Beautiful cake mama!!! You have some lucky kiddos!! :o)

    1. Ok, so you sew, create lovely jewlery, bake, AND blog?? How in the world do you do it???


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