Friday, May 24, 2013

Music Student Graduation Gifts - Easy Home Decor DIY

I made these as a Graduation Gift for 2 of my voice students. (did you know I taught vocal lessons?)

These girls have actually been students of mine for years!  So of course I will attend graduation and wanted to give them something to remember their time developing their voice with me as they head off to college, one with a music minor and the other still planning on continuing choir!

While I made these music related, you could take this idea and put it with any medium!  A favorite book, photos, letters, postcards, the possibilities, then you can choose a word that best fits the theme.

Ok here's how:

Thrift Frame
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Vinyl Phrase or Word
Embellishments (optional)
About 15 min

Start with finding a frame that you like.  I love the thrift store for finds like this - gut it and keep the back and the frame.

Prep whatever you will put inside the frame - in this case I used pages from an old music book with songs that my students have sung during lessons - I chose Italian, because I like it :) 

Tear it up and mod podge it onto the cardboard backing in the frame.  Let it dry - about 15 min is enough if you don't over do it.

I cut out Cantare (Sing in Italian) on my Cameo in vinyl. (You can also find a sticker, order a phrase, or message me to order one if you like) 

I transferred it to the music paper by de-sticking (new word) some extra vinyl a little and using it to move all letters together to keep them even)

Put it back in the frame and call it done!  Or you can add some embellishments to the corner and dress it up a little more!  

Fun way to dress up a dorm room, or any room, don't ya think?

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