Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Moving Friday Feature Giveaway!

Welp, the weekend is finally here that I am moving!  For today's feature (well for the week) I will be giving away a few items that are in stock, that it is time they left so I can create some new inventory in my new place!

Below are photos of the prizes and a rafflecopter run giveaway.  You are entering for all prizes but a winner will be drawn for each one!  They make great gifts if it won't work for you, and since you'll cover the shipping I'll send them anywhere!  If you win 2 I will combine the prizes to cut down on the shipping costs!

Giveaway runs until Friday 4-6 - good luck!

Hair Bow and Headband Canister

Fu Manchu Mustache Mug

Iron on tie - any size

Rosette and feather headband

Newborn "special delivery" onsie

Aqua and Lime Taggie Blanket

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My favorite item that i way in FB was the Vintage Inspired Camera Strap is gorgeous

  2. - I love the vanilla sugar scrub tutorial! I love your tie onsies and your little leg warmers! So cute!

  3. I Really Love Your Cute Head Bands. I've Used The Sugar Scrub Tutorial For Gifts And They Were A Hit. Thanks!

  4. I loved the ties, and also the scrub tutorils.


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